Trading On An Asus c302ca Chromebook

When I was planning my latest trip to Japan, I gave a lot of thought to what to bring for trading.  I wasn't planning on daytrading during the trip, so I just needed to check the markets once or twice a day and enter/exit some slow swing and position trades.  I also wanted to travel light as I'd be bouncing around locations a bit.

In the end, I settled on the Asus c302ca Chromebook.  This is like a budget laptop that only runs the chrome browser.  I don't trade directly off it (though my TastyWorks account would be fine for that).  Instead, I use Chrome Remote Desktop and Splashtop to remotely access my home Windows machine.  There, I can pull up complex options trades and do analytics as well as run various scans and python apps.


There are a lot of advantages to the chromebook over a full Windows laptop.  First, it's very cheap.  If it gets lost or damaged, I can pick up a new one anywhere.  If it gets stolen, I can relax as the internal storage is fully encrypted and all my work is synced with the cloud.  After signing into a new chromebook with my Google account, within minutes I am up and running.  The battery life is also much better than any comparably priced/sized laptop.

Another thing about this specific model is it uses usb-c.  I've been migrating my other equipment to this (external drives, dock, etc) so that's appealing.  But more than that, this chromebook charges off usb-c.  So does my phone (Moto Z).  So, on my last trip, I just brought one very small charger and used it for both devices.  It's significantly smaller than any laptop charger I've had to travel with before.

The device is also a 2-in-1, so it doubled as my tablet and I left my kindle behind.  On the long flight over, I could flip it to tent mode and watch movies on it's full-HD screen.

Anyway, back to trading.  It worked like a dream.  I did find the Splashtop remote desktop to be faster and more comfortable, but you need the business version so there is a small monthly fee for that.  I also used the built-in Chrome remote desktop and it was fine in Japan where internet is quite fast.  The screen is 1080p so I set my home desktop to 1080p also before leaving and found it adequate for my charting/analysis needs.  Correction: the screen can go higher than 1080p, but since it is a 12.5 inch screen, 1080 is a comfortable size for the Windows desktop.

You can find it on amazon at